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In this episode1d – The Way OUT!

What if holding onto fixed viewpoints ties you to limitation from your past?

What if by stripping out this old programming so you can have more access to your gifts, capacities and clarity!

In this segment, we’ll look at what it’s like to GET FREE from the programming and my 6 steps to get out!  Why this is the most powerful thing you can do to embody your knowing, gifts and purpose!



What if you didn’t create that inner turmoil.

-“The noise is so loud that you can’t hear the quiet truth of who you are.”

Who are you?  Why are you here?

What is your life lie without that noisy chatter?

What is it like without fixed Viewpoints

-inner mind quiets down  -“What if there is more to life, beyond the drama?”

-More ease in body, dramas are gone, more clear on choices

-Mind quieter, you become in control, mind becomes a helper

-This reality makes more sense

-greater capacity to perceive, the truth gets obvious, the complex becomes simple

-The sense of feeling trapped goes away

-You stop putting yourself down


[0:13:33] The Way OUT!

1. Recognize that you did not source your thoughts.  They were given to you.

-Interference wants you to be making yourself WRONG.

-They want you to be meek (quiet, gentle, submissive)

-As you clear the polarity, mind gets quieter, life gets easier

-CLEARING…  Energy Fog, Spectrum Clearing, Meaning, Benefit/Value


[0:22:48] The Way OUT!

2. Commit to finding & eliminating ALL fixed Points-of-View

What if you as an infinite being don’t function from fixed points-of-view?

Letting go of Importance & Significance


[0:28:14] The Way OUT!

3. Commit to never ever, ever, ever, retelling old stories!

When you keep retelling those stories, you’re funding them and making them true again.

Why go back and re-engage old polarities? – interference wants that

Check it:  What % of the Stories of your past were a product of interference?


Retelling stories from your past re-anchors, re-energizes and re-validates those old manipulations and limitations as being valid and true.

(they trap you again)

-This reality has trained you to retells stories

Releasing viewpoints = letting go of your tangled past

How you jump to NEW time-streams and create a NEW YOU

Check it: What is your reality like in 10 years if you commit to never retelling any stories?


[0:53:16] The Way OUT!

4. Monitor for viewpoints you are unwilling to clear

-precious viewpoints are flocking core aspects of you!

What if interference made those viewpoints important to limit you?

Check it: How much are viewpoints precious to interference and limitation?

Look for viewpoints that you’re unwilling to clear and CHOOSE to clear them.


[0:58:45] The Way OUT!

5. Any issue/topic you struggle with, clear your fixed viewpoints FIRST!

Typically you are struggling with the Polarities that have been programmed into your perspective.

Polarities are hardwired into your system to create reactions.

-“You’ll never be able to go back to that level of limitation again once you’ve cleared the polarities.”


[1:03:48] The Way OUT!

6. Letting go of making things important

This reality manipulates you by making things important.

It causes you to hold onto things that actually limit you.

-Hold viewpoints like a feather, light, then let them go once done

You’ve been programmed to hold things that are important, so let it go!

-Focus on what’s fun and expansive, instead of importance.



[1:17:42] The Way OUT!

-Clearing viewpoints accelerates the process of becoming aware

-It may not be simple, but it’s not hard

-It requires a commitment to focus


[1:19:15] PROGRAM 2  (Preview)

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