In this episode2a – Are there Energies Interfering in YOUR Life?

Those places where things aren’t going right, you make yourself wrong, you can’t get clear or stay aware, are all indicators of hidden interference!

What if it’s not “you” that’s the cause of the problem here…
What if this is all evidence that you have interference in your life?
In this video, Jaden shows you how to spot if you have interference messing with your life…

00:48 – Are there energies Interfering in your life?

02:49 – Symptoms of Interference

05:50 – Check it:  How much is this resistance natural?  How much foreign?

10:02 – How do you know if you have interference?
            (Putting yourself down is a sign of interference)

14:31 – Check it:  How much are you putting yourself down?

15:00 – Clearing

19:30 – What if the things you don’t perceive, you can’t change?

20:47 – Three “wise” monkeys programming

23:22 – Clearing

25:24 – People assume most non-physical beings are Benevolent… what if it’s not true?

29:11 – Interference often uses “Trojan Horses” to hide their true agenda

30:00 – Becoming more aware is the Solution to removing interference from your life

30:30 – Clearing

32:31 – Check it: What % of the beings you interact with are actually benevolent? (check behind them)

39:00 – Those on an awareness path are here to perceive these energies

40:49 – Book suggestion:  “The War of Art” Steven Pressfield

43:07 – You’re not going crazy, there is a lot of weird stuff happening on this planet

43:48 – Download the ebook (below)

45:03 – Episode 2b – “Who or what is this interference”


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