In this episode2b – Invaders that Don’t Belong Here?

There are energies doing their best to remain hidden and corrupt this planet.
What if not everything belongs in this Earth project?
What if there are some energies that are not a contribution to have here?

Jaden actually reveals who these energies are that mess with aware humans and the planet.

00:42 – Review of Program 2a

03:12 – Jaden’s story about Interference around money

06:47 – Live and let live? What if it’s not about accepting all energies?

10:47 – Planet Immune System Theory

13:00 – Clearing – what blocks your awareness

16:22 – Exploiter Clearing (detail)

22:25 – Non-Physical Invaders – hostile take over of the planet

27:35 – How to know what belongs here

31:08 – Check it:

            What does it create in 10yrs if humans accept these exploiters?

            What does it create in 10yrs if humans banish these exploiters?

33:25 – Clearing – Everything blocking your perception

35:11 – Exploiter Clearing (detail)

40:25 – Who are these Exploiters?  — The “Alien” Distraction

45:57 – What actions can you take?

46:36 – Overview of: Entities, Exploiters, Tricksters, Corrupters

50:16 – Download Ebook


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