In this episode2- New Age Spiritual Synthetic Realities

What if there is a BIG TRAP in the “New Age Spiritual” movement? …that few people have recognized!

00:34 – Review of the “Right – Wrong Game”

02:12 – Who the New Age Spirituality was designed to grab

03:30 – New Age Spiritual “HOOK” that lures people in…

05:36 – How your body gets impacted by these frequencies

10:00 – Clearing Energy Fog

11:48 – Synthetic Realities

18:46 – Exploiter Clearing

23:16 – How the New Age Spiritual concepts can have the OPPOSITE EFFECT on you!

30:49 – Trap:  Focus only on the Light

34:15 – Trap:  Surrender to a higher force (“higher self”)

39:51 – Trap:  Focus on Oneness

42:33 – Trap:  Raise your Vibration

44:11 – Trap:  Being “At Peace” and “In Love with all”

47:06 – Trap:  Memorizing, Reciting & Embodying Spiritual Belief System

51:20 – Trap:  Being a “Healer”

55:15 – Trap:  Humble Service to Others

58:11 – How to get OUT of False Light!

Suggested Video:      JP Spears – “Ultra Spiritual” (opens in new window)

Suggested Articles:   Why I’m No Longer a “Light Worker” (opens in new window)

                                    Tell the Lords of Karma that You are Sovereign (opens in new window)

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