entities-puppet I originally began exploring with drugs as way to expand my reality.  I had found this world to be way too restrictive and I knew much more was possible then the world that was peddled to me as “the way” to live my life.

The more I explored with recreational drugs the more free I got from many of this societies constraints and misperceptions. The experiences showed me that there was in fact WAY more to this world then we were taught or told about.  But over time, I started to use drugs more and more to compensate for a depression that kept building, that I couldn’t shake no matter what “spiritual tools” I tried.


I started to need pot on a daily basis, just to be able to sleep through the night and tolerate some of the crap that I had generated in my life that I had no solution for.  Marijuana calmed the committee in my head and gave me solace.  However the pot caused me to no longer be motivated to handle anything, merely to tolerate it.  I had this sense that my world was slowly sinking into hole that I could not get out of.

What frustrated me the most was there were all these things that were now effecting me that I could not seem to change or control.  I had the sense that there were innumerable other beings in my head and body and their presence didn’t allow me to be ME or find clarity any more.   I hit bottom at the same time my girlfriend moved me out of the house.  Something had to change.

I spend about a year focusing on “raising my vibration” using many tools from various channelers.  All of these helped, but it was a hard frustrating road with one step forward and two or three steps backwards.  They were all good tools, but something was working against me and I couldn’t change it.


Everything Changed

The solution came about six months later.  I was guided to take a workshop that would ROCK my world and hand me what I had been seeking for years, on a golden platter.  Tools and explanations for understanding what was REALLY going on in my life.

In one five day workshop, my life changed almost instantly.  It’s like I was handed the owners manual for my life.  Here were answers and solutions to things I had struggled with for 7 years.

The main problem?  Entities.
Beings who no longer had bodies… who I had invited in, consciously or unconsciously, during my extensive drug explorations.  I had a handful of entities I had given control of major parts of my life for them to “manage” and over a hundred more were mucking about inside my body doing god-knows-what.  I had effectively turned over operating control of the main components of my life to other beings who were so desperate to be back in a body, they would share mine with me.

While with them, I no longer felt alone, ever.  I no longer had a sense of control over my life or my mind.  My mind would constantly be churning away on some nonsense, usually derogatory thoughts or entities trying to persuade me to handle things in a different way then I was.  I wasn’t at a loss for ideas and justifications, but I was completely at a loss for peace or quiet.  I was tortured from within and only smoking pot would cause them to shut up.


What changed my life so dramatically?  On the second day of the course, the facilitator cleared all the entities out of my body… in a short couple minute process, they were mostly gone.  Peace was instantly restored.  I couldn’t believe it!  I had struggled for SOOO long and the tools to make it go away were THAT easy.

Life rapidly improved after that clearing as I used the clearing and other tools to dismantle the chaos I had created over the years.
Symptoms of Entities:

The more of these you experience the more likely you are to have entities:

-Unable to quiet your mind (mind chatter, especially with different viewpoints)
-Thoughts in your head saying, “You should do this, do that…” or “You are wrong about this…”
-Like there is a committee in your head, all with differing opinions
-Not being able to make decisions or decide what is best for you
-General sense of confusion about most of your life
-Not having direction in your life
-You can’t figure out what is real or true for you, unclarity
-Difficulty thinking clearly (brain fog)
-memory is blurry- not sure if past was real or imagined
-Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep (mind keeps running of it’s own accord)
-Strange or erratic behaviors in certain situations
-Low energy levels, tired a lot
-bipolar symptoms
-depression symptoms
-Feel schizophrenic/having multiple personalities/noticeable changes in character
-periodic blackouts or sense of lost time
-Daily marijuana or alcohol usage (it quiets the entities)
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If you have multiple symptoms or like me, all of them… you don’t need to suffer.  You can clear what causes the symptoms.

I’d like to show you how and explain it, at no-cost.

If you have a simple case of entities, like what many people have, my free introduction is all you may ever need.  If your case is more complex, like mine was, it may take some focused effort and learning more tools to clear all the symptoms.  But you can do it. Thousands of other people have done it too.

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