Secured AgreementsCurses are nothing more then long term agreements that have been made, engaging a neutral third party, to hold on to some viewpoint until such time as it’s decided that the criteria for securing the curse (agreement) has been met.

Curses are often used to not lose a focus that is deemed “important” to remember or safeguard across multiple incarnations (lifetimes).  They are to secure or hold on to an agreement so that it won’t be forgotten or dropped.


Once the terms of the curse have been completed, the curse is released/resolved.  In some cases, distributions of held energies of some sort (gifts, information, awareness) occurs upon the resolution of the curse.


While curses are often thought of as something that has been done “to you”, this is never the case.  While illusions of such may exist, when resolved it’s clear that even if the intention was to “curse another person”, in truth, that curse (secured agreement) was cast upon oneself.


The person who it was intended for will only receive the energy as a “binding agreement” if they too participated in the request to have the topic bound (recorded/stored/secured), and even then, it’s a self-binding agreement.  People who have released “their side” of the agreement feel no anchoring to the energetic agreement, and are in no way bound by the agreement.  While a party who has released their half of the agreement, may experience an awareness that the other party has not yet released their side, it in no way binds the party that has released their side of it.


It is most useful to think of all curses as curses against oneself… or agreements you have to hold a certain point-of-view.   (A majority of curses (60%+) are single party curses that don’t even involve another party.)

In many cases, the “curse” is simply seeking the energetic resolution to a conundrum that was posed in such a way as to not resolve itself until a suitable solution or answer has been provided.  It’s a binding agreement between a being or a group of beings to provide an energetic solution to a stuck viewpoint. Parties can consist of groups of beings such as Cults, Families/Lineages, Religions, Nationalities, or entire Races.


Intergenerational AgreementsA common practice is that a group (a race, family, etc) will agree that it will pursue a given focus. To enforce it’s significance, the race will agree to be bound to the secured agreement (curse) until such time as the race finds resolution to the posed problem.  Once a sufficient solution is energetically provided by any member of the party, the curse is nullified according to the terms set up in the original binding of the agreement.



Yet commonly, groups get entrenched in the focus of the curse and have difficulty honoring its releasing even when a suitable resolution has been found and the curse released.  So often parties will continue operating as if a curse is in force, when in truth it has been previously released.


 ==>  How many agreements are you still honoring, that are actually no longer active?


It’s important to recognize that any member of a party can opt-out of a group curse when they have sufficient awareness to do so.  With this awareness often comes a potential or likely resolution to the curse which can be provided to unlock and resolve the curse for that individual. Whether an entire party honors the resolution of the curse or not, need not have bearing on any individuals choosing to opt-out.


Once the terms of the curse have been met by an individual, that individual and any members who choose, are free from the curse.  Many times groups won’t shift to realign to the released status of the curse until a large number of the party’s members have done so.


(update 2012)
All group curses on the planet have had the terms of their curse resolved already.  It’s mostly habits of thinking that still hold those groups in that old way of being.  Seeing the resolution has already been provided, a member needs to merely recognize that they are no longer bound by those old contracts.  Practically speaking, the only curses still in existence are self-binding curses and some small groups.


Older energies may feel evil, but they are notWhile many curses feel “evil” or extremely dense/heavy, this has more to do with the frequency of the time period when the curse (agreement) was constructed.  They are not evil per se, but certainly can feel that way and provide that experience to those who are not aware enough to perceive them from a non-dual understanding.  People who are still holding on to the good/evil duality are typically not good resolvers of curses for their beliefs only cause some degree of re-entanglement.



Secured Agreement Constructs

Curses are housed in a variety of constructs to “hold” these curses until such time as the criteria for releasing has been met.  You can think of these as “institutions” that are there to provide some level of security or assurance that the curse criteria will be fulfilled; like, “safe deposit boxes” that have certain energetic keys to open them.


Public Curses
-Like a public library that manages and records the curses, as well as manages the recording of the release of the curses.  Often these are very simple curses, with no distributions.

~These are the easiest to deal with.  You simply provide the energy that resolves the agreement and the curse becomes null & void.


Bonded Curses
-A Bonding agency holds the curse. Then upon fulfillment of terms, the costs (think interest accrued over time held) are calculated and due to the bonding agency in order to have the curse ultimately released.  (Think: long term storage facility that expects to get paid if you want your stuff released.)


Enforced/Guarded Curses5-enforcer-guard
-These are non-physical beings you have employed to assist you in keeping to your agreement.  They are hired to “remind you” when you are attempting to violate or release the contract.   They often have the ominous, strong, authoritative or punitive energy about them (like a bouncer, guard, officer, or mafia-hit man kind of energy.)


Armored Curses
-Housed in armored and/or protected encasements that will go as far as projecting dagger like energies at any aggressor who attempts to meddle with or force the curse open.  Uniting the armor agent (like the key- the “antimatter” opposite of the armor lock) allows for the armoring to deconstruct itself.

~These can be tricky to deal with as the daggers can actually be experienced if you approach the curse with the intention to disable it. The energy required is one of respect for a powerful service rendered.  Once resolved, the armoring unlocks and typically releases other energies that have been stored, awaiting the resolution (such as information, gifts, treasures, etc)


Magical CursesMagical Insignia
-Created and maintained using magic that manages the curse.  They can be defended, bonded, mirrored, invisible or other forms of magical creativity.

~These curses can vary wildly, from the simple to the very intricate.  These are often the “Cadillac” of curses. When the curse is cleared, the crest/symbol of the maintaining party is often revealed letting you know the curse has been released.  Some are quite impressive :)  These can and often do release stored gifts to the parties involved, according to the distribution agreements programmed into the magic.




(Curses, lineage agreements, Bonded Contracts, etc)

1.  Expand to beyond the Multiverse – Connect to your “infinite being”


  • Connect to the outer edges of your energy field.
  • – Expand to the size of the planet
  • – Expand to the size of the solar system
  • – Expand to the size of the galaxy
  • – Expand to the size of the universe
  • – Expand to the size of the multiverse
  • – and beyond that, beyond that, beyond that…  infinite.


(if expanding doesn’t feel extremely spacious, you are often referring to old star maps and not connecting with the bodies as they exist in this now.  Each time you expand, you will perceive MORE… as everything is continually expanding.)


2. Allow yourself to perceive on a screen in front of you, all the curses you have around some topic.  Put all the symbols up on the screen and get a sense of the number of them.
-some may attempt to distract you, don’t engage them
-some may attempt to slip off the screen and to hide, hold them in place in the center of your screen


3. Expand out the multiverse and allow yourself to perceive everything that these agreements desire or require in order to precisely complete the agreement.

(as an infinite being you ARE all energies and have access to all energies.  So you just call those forth and you have all the keys, codes, resolutions, energies and awarenesses that are required to release the contracts. – This goes way outside of mind)


4. Provide it to the agreements with an easy respectful energy, like the turning over of paperwork.  Do this 3 times.


  • – Ask all the energies that are desired or required to amplify themselves to the appropriate levels.
  • – Ask the energies to frequency match to the receiving parties
  • – Collect the energies and intend to casually and respectfully hand the energies over to the appropriate contracts on your screen.   It’s like the easy, way you would hand your paperwork and money to the DMV to get your license renewed.   It’s a structured process you entered into agreement with… be light and respectfully-grateful for these beings contribution to your process.  Hand over the requested energies, with ease.

(this is not about force, force will cause some contracts to lock down or shoot at you!)

Most or all of the contracts on your screen will show some indication of resolution.


5. Notice what has left the screen and what remains.  What remains often requires YOU to embody certain energies or frequencies.  For you to become more of the infinite being that you truly be, and then those agreements will release themselves.


6. Expand out, collect everything YOU are required to be, know, perceive or receive* Provide it to your body and being.  Receive all the energy (don’t seek to understand it)
Do this 3 times.

 *  by Gary Douglas – Access Consciousness©


  • – Ask all the energies that you are required to be, know, perceive or receive* to amplify themselves to the appropriate levels.
  • – Ask the energies to frequency match to your body and being
  • – Collect the energies and place them in your body & being.
  • – Intend to receive all the energies (more of your infinite being)
  • – Anything heavy that comes up is commonly old resistance, just clear or release

7. Check the screen one more time. At this point, things are commonly gone.  If something remains, repeat steps 4 or 5 again.


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