In this episode3b- Recognizing & Clearing False Light Constructs (continued)

Let’s start to CLEAR this stuff from our body & reality…

00:27 – False Light doesn’t want you to learn about this…

02:43 – Qualities of the False Light:
False Right, Mental/Belief System based, the Illusion of Superiority

07:47 – Clearing Energy Fog

              Qualities:   Righteousness, Missionary…

12:00 – Qualities:  Wanting you to detach from your body, trances you, taking in entities, increased polarity

17:00 – Review:  Chakra System

21:29 – Review:  Pineal Gland Activations & Meditations

24:05 – Review:  Higher Self & Soul Meditations

27:36 – Review:  Abundance & Law of Attraction practices

31:30 – Review: Calling on Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, Gods…

34:52 – Exploiter Clearing

38:45 – Getting OUT of the False Light by:

              1. Recognize the Synthetic Nature of it – Choose NOT to Engage it!

39:54 – 2. Detach from Synthetic Frequencies

43:35 – 3. Monitor your Thinking

46:31 – 4. Focus on Body – Organic Sensations

48:12 – 5. When Clearing –  Grab the Light & the Dark sides!

50:05 – Spectrum Clearing Process  – grabbing all Points-of-view (all belief system elements)

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