In this episode4-  False Light Programming in LOVE & Relationships

What if relationships have been manipulated on this planet for a long time?

01:04 – The Cupid Mythology (What if you’ve already been notified that this interference exists?)

04:37 – False Light Love – a different kind of Love

05:55 – Clearing Energy Fog

08:53 – Recognizing False Light programming in Relationships & “Love”

14:44 – False Light programming in “Love” Songs

20:10 – False Light programming in Movies

24:16 – Exploiter Clearing

26:33 -Common False Light “Spiritual” Constructs:  Soul Mate/Twin Flame Deception

34:59 – Clearing Energy Fog

36:23 – Getting OUT of False Light Bondings

46:17 – Clearing Process for those seeking to exit Soul Mate/Twin Flame Manipulationships

47:32 – Clearing Energy Fog

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3b- Recognizing & Clearing False Light Constructs (continued)

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5 – Why are Relationships So Complicated?

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