In this episode5- Why are Relationships So Complicated?

What if aware people can sense that there is WAY more going on than most people recognize?
Let’s look at all the different aspects involved…

02:15- Why are relationships so [damned] complicated!??

              …because you are in relationship with at least 5 aspects of the other person…

03:32 – 1. Their Infinite Being  (what is that? – explained)

05:51 – 2. Their Authentic Physical Body   (what is that? – explained)

07:56 – 3. Their Belief System (conditioning taken on during upbringing)

09:50 – Clearing Energy Fog

15:04 – 4. Their Gut Microbiome (controls moods, energy-motivation, brain function, cravings)

17:03 – Symbiotic -vs- Non-symbiotic micro-organisms

26:39 – 5. Their Agents & Overseers  (what is that? – explained)

29:11 – Clearing Energy Fog

34:11 – Exploiter Clearing

35:42 – Check-in: How much of an issue has the Agent & Overseer paradigm been for you?

38:24 – Reviewing WHY relationships are so complicated…

40:31 – You CAN overcome ALL this stuff and get it to work for you!


Suggested videos: (to have your MIND BLOWN about the Gut Microbiome)

[13:18]  Dr. Steven Gundry – Your Microbiome: Good Bugs, Bad Bugs (opens in new tab)

  [2:50]  Human History – Microbiome metaphorical story- Naveen Jain (opens in new tab)

  [7:39]  How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome (opens in new tab)

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