In this episode6 – How to Identify Relationship Interference

How to identify relationships that are setups to mess with you… and how to eliminate them!

01:04 – Review of past programs

01:50 – Signs & Symptoms of Relationship Interference

08:06 – Eve Lorgen’s Research into “The Dark Side of Cupid”

09:09 – Check-in:  How much have you experienced this kind of interference?

10:13 – WHY would they mess with You??

12:00 – What if your ENTIRE REALITY has been manipulated in various ways?

14:11 – How do agents interfere in relationships?

18:00 – Clearing Energy Fog

20:50 – Layers of competing agents can be in your reality

25:18 – Check-in:  How much are the voices in your head YOU?

26:18 – How they get you to limit yourself

28:28 – What if who you are is actually POWERFUL and POTENT?

30:04 – “If you have a lot of manipulation, there is something really potent that you BE that they DON’T want you to step into.”

           “The way out… is to step into your Potency!” – Jaden

33:27 – Viewpoint Spin:  What if False Light is here to wake you up to your Truth?

              What if you are on this planet to OUT-CREATE the Matrix?

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5- Why are Relationships So Complicated?

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7 – How False Light uses others to get to you…

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