In this episode7 – How False Light uses others to get to you…

How manipulation uses other people to mess with you… and how to SHUT IT DOWN on the spot!

01:09 – Overview of programs 4-6

02:24 – How False Light uses other people to get to you.

05:29 – How False Light uses YOU to get at others…

09:26 – How to STOP agent Smith from using YOU

11:00 – How to STOP agent Smith using others to mess with you

15:36 – Awareness False Light is what eliminates their capacity to operate in your life!

16:12 – A look at False Heavy (feeling wrong/bad when it’s not actually true)

19:39 – False Heavy & Narcissism…

21:30 – What if relationships can be an amazing laboratory to learn about yourself?

22:35 – Note for those who have avoided relationships…

24:42 – Being grateful for all your relationships

26:29 – For those wanting to go deeper with Jaden

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6- How to Identify Relationship Interference

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