You have a SUPERPOWER that you may not be fully using…


You have the capacity to ask the universe ANY QUESTION
and get an immediate response!

How often do you use that? (as often as you could?)


We’ve been conditioned through “education” to use our programmed thinking mind to find the “right answer” using information that was designed to limit you. Typically this conditioned answer is just a load of BS!.


What if asking your programmed mind questions is not helpful?   
Rather, you want to be asking the authentic Universe those questions!


With some practice, you can re-learn and repattern yourself to asking the authentic universe for REAL information and download the responses directly in your body and let them integrate.



In the hours and days after receiving you just start to know stuff and have expanded understandings that you don’t know how you know it!   


You begin to think differently from an expanded knowing. 


This is the magic of asking & receiving!

It’s a kinda like Trinity in the Matrix movie asking for a download.

  Accept, it currently takes longer than in the movies :)




So how do you re-pattern yourself
to learn to ASK QUESTIONS instead??


For me it took daily practice to initially learn it,
but once I “got it” (after about 25 days) it became automatic!  (woo-hoo!)

I developed this tool to master my capacity with questioning:       



It guides you to do a daily practice to really “get” how it works and the power of it.

After a week or so I began to deeply understand how:

• Any question I asked, I *ALWAYS* received an answer from the authentic Universe!

• How connected I truly was to the authentic Universe!

• That I really could ask ANY question and get an answer in a way I personally could understand.

• That I could use it to find out or change ANYTHING!

It’s probably one of the single most empowering exercises I had ever done!

This one process turned around my 45-year addiction to looking for answers.
Into a habit of asking different questions that would actually CHANGE MY REALITY!


It also caused me to realize that over time, I could change ANYTHING if I ask enough questions!

(rather than just have to “deal with” what I didn’t like)


This has caused me to find “break-throughs” in almost every area of my life!


It’s a PROFOUND and empowering process
that I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE anyone who is aware/conscious to master.

The inner change is revolutionary in so many ways
and at the core of much of the work we do here.


It’s for this reason, I’m giving this away for FREE!


I want you to learn to connect to YOUR inner knowing!



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