The walk-in process can become interfered with my manipulators creating complications that can make things unpleasant. While these can resolve themselves over time, awareness of these things can dramatically speed up the process! This is an overview, we go into more detail in the course.


• The spirit of the previous occupant doesn’t fully leave the body *Common*

Interference can mess with things causing the out-going occupant to not exit during the open
transition window and so it’s spirit gets fully or partially trapped in the body.

The body was NOT designed to have more than one occupant, so it doesn’t know which being to sync up to, or how to handle it. Having multiple Beings in the same body can cause intense confusion for all parties.

What the body often does is try to take turns. One or two days the newest being is upfront and in charge, then for a couple days the previous occupant is upfront and in charge. So huge mood swings occur!

Feelings of wanting to be done or die (outgoing occupant feels that) <– Very telling symptom
One day eager new life, next day wanting out (outgoing/incoming) <– Very telling symptom
Hard to stay in your body (no room for you) <– Very telling symptom
Feeling trapped in a void/nothingness (the outgoing occupant’s)
– Difficulty thinking clearly (brain fog)*
– Not being able to make decisions/choose/create*
– General sense of confusion about most of your life*
– Not having direction in your life*
– Having no energy to accomplish anything
– You can’t figure out what is real or true for you, unclarity*
– Memory is blurry (not sure if past was real or imagined) *
Unable to create income or your new future
                        *Also symptoms of entities in your body


In some cases, previous occupants who are stuck in the body will attempt to cause the body illness or injury so they can exit the body. Remember, the outgoing Being chose to leave because they felt done. They wanted to die and on some level they still know that’s the direction they must head. If not assisted to leave, they can keep pushing the body toward illness on the days they are upfront, so they can exit the body through death. Just assisting any previous occupants in leaving can clear all manner of disease and complications for walk-ins!

If you feel like one day your life is full of new possibilities and days later you are feeling like you want to die or feeling like you are trapped in a void… you have previous occupants trapped in your body with you. It is a priority to get these OUT! see the last page of this ebook for suggestions

You may also find that it’s hard to stay INSIDE your body. Like there is NO ROOM FOR YOU! So you are often hanging back behind and somewhat above your body. During days when the body gives the other occupant “its turn” it’s often hard to occupy the body because it feels like there is no room.

It’s the analogy of buying a house, but the day you go to move in, the previous owner says, “oh, you can come in, don’t mind my stuff… I’ll just be living in the back room.” The house never feels like yours because the old owner never leaves. It’s a waiting game till something changes and the previous occupant leaves.


• Baggage from previous occupants retained in the body *Common- but minor*

The incoming Being ultimately processes out and releases all of the old files and stored items that the previous occupant held in the body. Some walk-ins mistakenly assume that these items may be useful in some way. Because this baggage is attuned to the frequency of the outgoing occupant, it often is not useful to the incoming occupant. More often then not, it simply causes a sense of confusion in the body and slows down the integrating process. Simply ask that this baggage be returned to the previous occupant.

I often use the analogy of buying a new house. This one is like you bought a new house and the previous owner moved out, but left ALL THEIR OLD STUFF!

To the degree that you keep the previous occupants belongings hanging around, this prevent your body from transitioning fully to align with YOU and leaves the old occupants energies more active and present in your body. It also prevents you from bringing all your stuff into your new body… because it’s overcrowded with old junk.

Get rid of ALL of it! (we do this in the Detangling Walk-in’s program)- see the last page of this ebook for info.


Even if you think there is some stuff that is “special”, “magical” or valuable… LET IT GO!
Holding onto previous occupant’s stuff is a TRAP that prevents you from becoming fully YOU!


• Not being “plugged in” or connected to the body

Being “plugged in” is a visual metaphor for connection between the Being and the body. This connection commonly happens at a point just above the belly button on the inside of the body. If the incoming occupant is not connected to the body, the body does not “sync up” with the new Being as completely. In ideal transitions, this happens automatically. In more complicated walk-ins that have interference, this may not have occurred.

The main symptoms of not being plugged in/connected are:

Having low energy levels on some days <– Very telling symptom
Your body doesn’t feel like yours, it’s not syncing up with you <– Very telling symptom
-Interference feels like it has free run of your body, but you don’t have much access


It typically means there is some interference that is preventing you from connecting to your body. Once you clear it, things get simple and you feel more energized.

If you feel disconnected from your body, you might consider taking the Detangling Walk-in’s program where we get you back connected to your body, see the last page of this ebook.


• Not Knowing *Common– but minor*

It is quite common for a walk-in to have had other walk-in transitions at other times in their life. (3-5 walk-in changes is typical, but I’ve seen as many as 13) For many walk-ins, the mind works tirelessly to hide the information of previous walk-in experiences from the occupant. The mind unknowingly acts as a filter to remove information that doesn’t fit the normal context of life here on this planet. As a person becomes more comfortable with the notion of being a walk-in the mind slowly reveals more information about what occurred. Rarely can this be pushed without the mind creating false information and denial cover stories to mask the truth.

If a walk-in was unconscious, there is usually the feeling, “I have something very important to accomplish—if only I could remember what it is.” As frustrating as this feeling can be, having a veil over the life goal for a year or so can be a blessing. It allows time for integration of the body, personality, and lifetime before feeling driven to move forward.

Some walk-ins never know what really happened—just that they went through a dramatic life change. The range of awareness spans across the board. But I’ve found the more aware you are about it, the more likely you are to become your NEW purpose and connect to your most fulfilling course of action.



Each walk-in experience has its own unique qualities. A person may experience all, part, or none of the things described here. Trusting your own inner knowing is your way to find your truth.

Recognize that anything that happened and any stories that came before your walk-in experience didn’t actually belong to you. That’s why you may not have full memory of the experience. Reminding yourself of this and letting go of old stories (that are not yours) can assist you in releasing and integrating your past and stepping into the expression you came here to explore. Letting go of ALL the stories of your past will greatly assist!

The one thing that walk-ins often find is it’s important to be kind to your physical bodies!

The body is not just a vehicle but rather a co-creative partner in our life experiences. It takes time for the physical body and being to work through feelings of dying, rejection, abandonment and grief. But when the body senses that the walk-in Being knows it consciously chose this body, loves this body, and is willing to work as a partner with this body, miracles can happen!

The animal that is your Body wants you to OWN it and LOVE it!

If you don’t possess your body, something else will attempt to. So your body needs you to CLAIM AND OWN YOUR BODY!


Once you claim and own your body,
you’ll find your Body wants nothing more than
to be your best friend/partner and to help you in any way it can!



If you have many symptoms and do NOT feel connected to your Body… see the last page of this ebook for suggestions



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