When the individuated facet of Essence, has completed what it set out to accomplish in a lifetime in that Body, the Larger Essence/Oversoul has four basic options:

1. Stay with the body till it dies

2. To swap out personality facets and bring in a different Being from the same Essence/Oversoul,

3. Add an additional facet to join the existing one (making it more complex) or

4. Walk-out of the body and let some other Essence/Oversoul take over the body. (The house gets a new owner)


If a walk-out is chosen, an agreement can be made with another Essence/Oversoul to walk-in a completely different Being and continue the embodiment. After the new being comes in, the body will begin to modify and adapt itself to provide the new being with a body suited to its needs (within the body templates capacity for change).

The walk-in experience is so very individual that it’s difficult to give a definitive description. Here is a sampling of some possible experiences.


Before & During the Transition:

Usually, there is a “try-on” period of a few days or weeks or months when the new Being/Soul tries on the body before the actual transfer. But the current occupant may or may not be aware of its presence. If the occupant is aware, there may be a feeling of someone hanging around in or near the body who seems familiar and friendly.

The new Being/Soul is getting a feel for the body. The new Being is also reviewing the DNA encodements and the existing energy patterns stored in all of the energy bodies and deciding what to keep or change or how feasible the transition would be.

Sometimes, right before a walk-in, the outgoing personality may feel a building sense of completion or being done with the lifetime. This may manifest as extreme fatigue, severe depression, or even suicidal feelings. This is the occupants way of interpreting that a transfer is underway. (If a wanting to be done/suicidal feeling continues for an extended period of time, it may indicate the transition already occurred but the outgoing Being got trapped and never left. More on this later in the eBook.)

The out-going occupant may or may not be conscious during the actual walk-in. If unconscious, the transfer often occurs during a deep trance or sleep state. If conscious, the person may remember bits or pieces of the process as well as experience the trained universal helpers who facilitate these transitions.

On occasion the process occurs during an accident, illness, coma, concussion, or deep emotional shock. (This is often the product of interference and not the authentic Being/Essence/Oversoul’s creation.) This was more common in the earlier years of walk-in transitions. While it still occurs, since 2012 these kinds of traumatic accidents are less common.

In the past, trauma was the most common method. Now, there are better support systems and integration services for walk-ins so changing through trauma is unnecessary. Increasingly, walk-ins are fully conscious through the whole transfer.

Some transfers happen quickly and are quite noticeable. Other walk-in transfers happen so slowly and subtly that they are difficult to identify when it starts or ends. The whole process can take from months to years.


After the Transition

The bottom line in the process of integration is the re-connection and attunement with the physical body. Once the new occupant is fully connected and the previous occupant gone, the body will re-wire itself to suit the new occupant. This happens on many levels, down to altering the DNA switches. (My blood type actually changed from O- to A+ during one of my transitions.) This is not subtle or always comfortable process for the being or body.

Before the new occupant is fully integrated into the body, a walk-in is like a sponge for the emotions, traits and beliefs of the people around them. It’s important that a new walk-in choose carefully the people they spend time with for those people will unduly influence the new occupant until it’s fully pugged in and embodied. (This can take weeks or months, if it goes on for longer than this, something is not integrated correctly, we’ll resolve that later in this eBook.)

The body is commonly chosen because it’s expression is compatible with the goals of the incoming Being. Walk-ins likely have a new life goal and bring with them new skills and abilities to assist them in accomplishing it. These new abilities often supplement or build upon the previous ones. Rarely do walk-ins lose skills, commonly they just become bored with them and move into other things. (Example: A previous occupant was a geeky-computer-tech type person. Me the new occupant has very little interest in that stuff… I can still do the techy stuff, but I don’t enjoy it as the previous occupant did.)

It’s useful to realize that you, the new occupant, will do things differently than the previous occupant did them. Even the way each person functions in the body will be different. The way the previous occupant operated and interacted with the physical body can be very different from how the new occupant will. Once the body and new occupant are fully connected, the body changes to adapt to the frequency and style of the new occupant. It’s NOT about operating the body and life in the same way that the previous occupant did, this won’t work correctly for the new being. Just acting in a way that is pleasing to the new/current you is what allows everything to work optimally. When the incoming occupant acts authentically, everything just seems to work properly.


Being around other people…

Much to the dismay of the people around them, a new walk-in often goes through strong changes in personality. The personality is quite malleable at this time and the new Being tries on new character traits until a good combination is found that will serve the new life goals. Some aspects of personality seem “hardwired” into the body and others come with the personality of the Being. Changes in personal preferences can be quite dramatic. Such as liking different foods, colors, clothes, hobbies, music, jobs, friends and lifestyles can be very different than the original occupant. These changes can occur quickly or fade in over the span of years.

One of the most difficult situations for a new walk-in is to be around people who pull on them to be or be like the previous occupant. This can be very tough because those people were usually emotionally significant to the previous Being, i.e., mate, parents, family, and friends. They may not realize or believe that a transfer of Beings has occurred. When these well-meaning people project their emotions and pictures of the old occupant on to a walk-in, an overlay of the old energy called “ghosting” occurs in the new energy bodies. Clairvoyantly, it looks like a double image. This can be stressful and confusing to the physical body and new Being.

Ideally, avoid people who are invested in you being like the old occupant was. It becomes a toxic situation with no one winning. You cannot be the previous occupant, it will not work for you or your new Body. Things are different. The most honoring thing you can do for you, your body and everyone involved is to BE AS AUTHENTIC AS YOU CAN. Which is not easy because you may be in a state of flux/change for many months or years after a walk-in transition.


Let go of what’s NOT yours!

To the new occupant, it’s like moving into someone else’s life, with all their stuff still in it. Most of the body’s consciousness has nothing in its cellular memory banks that belongs to the new occupant.

It becomes the work of the new occupant to process out and release all the old content that’s not relevant to the new Being. What was previously completely transparent and unconscious to the old occupant begins to surface consciously for the new occupant as old stuff and no longer appropriate.

The main job of the new occupant for years afterward is the releasing of old/trapped/impacted content that was created by the previous occupant(s) and stored in the Body/planet space.

The new Being has a CHOICE. You can choose to occupy and own all the old baggage as if it was yours (which really sucks) or you can release it. I strongly recommend you use this opportunity to jettison all the old stuff that you did not personally create and not get attached to it. You have a great opportunity to clear truckloads of old viewpoints and impacted garbage collected and programmed for previous occupants.

Interference will do it’s best to get you to hold onto the stuff they spent decades manipulating and placing in the previous occupants life. They will tell you it’s important stuff, or necessary, or you have not choice, that you ‘have to’ hold onto it… but it’s all a lie. It’s the gift of being a walk-in… none of the old stuff is yours by contract or creation. So you have the ability to let it all go.

Once you own it, it’s yours to live with.

If you never choose to own it, you can release it and find yourself in a less tangled and more clear existence than you may have ever thought was possible. To the degree that you ignore it and claim it as yours… it becomes yours to live with.


Mindfuck of magnitude…

Being a walk-in is initially the biggest mind-fuck I think a Being could possibly experience. You walk into a life full of another person’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, relationships and garbage and have to figure out who the NEW YOU while swimming in not you. It DOES get easier over time… but often not as quick or simple as you thought it might be.

After the transition, everything is confusing as hell! All the old expectations from the previous occupants life are pressing on you, all the old baggage feels really real, yet not at the same time, and agents of interference are doing their best to trip you up and make things more confusing.


My suggestion… to the degree you can, walk away and let go of your old life.

My 6th transition was the easiest because I had a clue about what was going on. So I let go of my old relationships, moved on my own, changed my name, started to back out of my old job, all while trying to figure out who the new me actually was and how I was going to earn a living now! (no stress at all!) :P

I went from being an electrician to being the Facilitator that I am today. While a lot of the pieces were already in place, there was much that needed to be figured out and learned, not the least of which was: WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? WHAT’S MY PURPOSE? And WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!

By any objective measures, you have gone completely insane. Embrace it, don’t fight it, and MOVE ON!


When you are feeling good about life and feeling clear, you are likely to experience your authentic self.

At these times, make notes in a journal about what you recognize about the new you, or where your life is headed!

When they are feeling heavy, in a rut, or experiencing old patterns or behaviors that drag you down, you are likely experiencing the energy patterns of the previous occupant. Let it go!

These old heavy patterns don’t actually belong to you the new occupant, over time these energies can get processed out and released. To the degree that you don’t resist these patterns and simply experience and release them, they will reduce in frequency and ultimately go away.

For the new occupant, the overall experience of the previous occupant’s memories is one of unattachment. Most walk-ins retain life facts without emotional attachments. Memories of the previous Being’s experiences are much like watching a movie with the emotional sound turned off.

This neutrality often means a feeling of detachment from emotionally significant people such as: mate, children, parents, and friends. The old issues, unresolved situations, and personal difficulties of the previous occupant are often easier for you the new walk-in to handle.

It’s way easier to leave the unsatisfying marriage or unfulfilling job that the previous occupant could not get out of.

It becomes the work of the new occupant to process out and release all the old content that’s not relevant to the new Being. What was previously completely transparent and unconscious to the old occupant begins to surface consciously for the new occupant as being old and no longer appropriate. 

The main job of the new occupant for years afterward is the releasing of old/trapped content that was created by the previous occupant(s) and stored in the Body or energy space.






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